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Mt. Washington Flurry of Posts, Part III
Having a split suite for a hotel was very nice. It meant that while Jess was napping, I could be chilling out in the other room, watching TV or using the computer or whatever, without distracting her. The two halves of the room were seperated by the bathroom. I do understand that this isn't always the ideal setup, but I do think it was quite an interesting one, and one I'd like to see more hotels emulate.

The hot tub was nice, as was the pool. I do wish I had had ID so I could have gone down and gotten a drink with Jess without feeling self-concious, but sometimes things just don't work how you want them to.

The gift shop guy was nice, and overall, the shop didn't seem as ridiculously overpriced as I'm used to them being. I would say that that's a major plus. Unfortunately, the view out the window of the shop, which is supposedly one of Mt. Washington, was beautifully obscured by the clouds/fog all weekend. Dissapointing, but such is life in the White Mountains.