Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Mt. Washington Flurry of Posts, Part II

It's interesting to think that there used to be a whole society in one little hotel, for so many years. In the past, the Boston socialites would come up to the Mt. Washington Hotel for 3 months over the summer -- July 1st to October 1st -- and it was quite apparent from the way the place is built.

First, it's gigantic. Everything there is big. It has the feeling of something that's just big. Think, The Shining, or something similar. It's very impressive, but even more than impressive, it's just big.

Secondly, it has everything. It has a ballroom. A full restaurant (Probably seats about 400). Several bars. Gift shops. Swimming pool. Ballroom and Stage. Conference/meeting rooms. Etc. Of course, that's just *inside the main building*: Once you go outside you have horseback riding, golfing, tennis, swimming, fishing, etc. Assuming you had money to spend, you truly could live in this place for an entire summer. The idea of living in one building, essentially, is strange to me, but it was very neat to be able to, on the rainy day we were there, entertain ourselves without needing to get wet. Since the closest *anything* was 20 miles away, and probably that wasn't even much back in the heyday of the hotel, there's definitely something to be said for having it all in one place.

Thirdly, there were, and are, so many daily activities. Everything from learning flower arranging to family movie gatherings, and if you had an event list like the ones they have now every day back then, I'm sure that everyone could have kept busy. There's always something new to learn, to do, etc., it's just strange to me, again, that you would do this in one building.

It's a very nifty feeling, but very unique: something I've not seen in my travels before. It would be interesting to spend some time looking at historical documents and seeing how well that worked for them. I suppose it worked well enough for a long time, although the hotel languished for many years between the early 1900s and the late 1900s, as the social elite no longer spent their 3 months at the hotel.

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