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holy crap, wired
So in my blog, I was all professional sounding and stuff, talking about the Where 2.0 Wired article.

But here, I can say things like HOLY CRAP I'M IN WIRED.

So cool.

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Actually, I would say that my webfriend Annalee is in Wired, and you're just kinda along for the ride. ;-)

(Deleted comment)

Re: Neoblogogeoonomysphereography!

Bullshit I did. That term's been around since before I even touched the mapping world. When I describe myself as a neogeographer, it's a deragatory reference to the fact that I know nothing more than Google Maps when it comes to GIS.

The fact that I'm the quintessential neogeographer is not my fault :p

(Deleted comment)

Re: Neoblogogeoonomysphereography!

But it's even Been in wired before.

Granted, that says that my boss created the term, so I'm not sure how much better that is.

Chris, you're hardcore geek amazing.

Wow, you're big time now! Very cool indeed. :-)

:sniff: And to think, just yesterday, he was our cute little emo kid.

Being in Wired doesn't mean you can't be a cute little emo kid. Now he's a famous cute little emo kid!

I remember those days. *sniff* My 'little bro' is growing up. :)

(I'm quite proud of him, of course. I sent the link to the article to my dad and godfather, that's how cool I thought it was.)

Congrats, Chris.

That's really damn cool. :)

"showing off cool shit" is professional-sounding? i love it

glad you liked it

holy crap it was awesome to write about you in Wired!

I knew you back in the day!

<3 So proud of you, hon.

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