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what i did today
I walked a ways.

20 miles. In San Francisco. From Mission to Twin Peaks to Market to Haight Ashbury to the Golden Gate Bridge and then back over Lombard->Webster->20th->Hampshire.

My legs worked fine until I sat down. Now they're dead.

I also have a sunburn.

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That path...is completely insane. This must have taken you, well, all day. I guess "what I did today" *is* an appropriate heading for this post...

Jesus, man. Also, invest in sunscreen. You're pastey and all, but the lobster look doesn't suit you.

Please wear sunglasses, sunscreen, and probably a hat in the Bay Area. People often think the overcast protects them, but it's ground-fog, and doesn't necessarily cover all the way "up." So it's a minimal protection, at best.

Heh. I wasn't even that naive: I just forgot.

So, I'm a lobster this morning! Or at least it feels like I am, I haven't looked in a mirror yet.

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