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Where 2.0 Complete
I'm now in San Francisco. Where 2.0 is complete. I absolutely rocked the place, both on my own, and with MetaCarta, which was claimed by many to be 'the best session of the conference.'

I'm extremely exhausted.

I am probably going to have my picture on Wired.com Friday. Probably some Where 2.0 article, written by Annalee Newitz. We'll see. I may also be included in an article in the coming months, but that would be bigger and not so soon.

So tired.

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I feel totally unworthy of knowing someone so awesome. <3

What are you busing ...-ing at?

Kristan asked the same thing. I have absolutely no idea. It seemed appropriate, but isn't. So pretend it means <3!

You fail at <3s. :-D

"Barney likes to play with us and likes to play preteeeeend, abcs and 123s and how to make a friend."

That's the first thing tha comes eto mind when you say pretend.

So, am I allowed to name drop your name yet? I'm waiting for my ex to start on about this and me to say "Oh yhea, Ive met him. He gave me a backrub once..."

Sure, but don't hold your breath yet: i'm not that famous yet.

The keyword there is "yet". :) Half the fun of name dropping is being one of those who knew you before you were famous and smearing it around before anyone knows you like "I'm part of the techie Elite..." and really not knowing what I am talking about. Wrapping my head around making my own Photoshop Actions was worth bringing the champagne out for, never mind doing what you do. LOL .

I miss you horribly. I am so happy for you, though -- you're having fun and getting tons of very professional feedback and generally rocking. Enjoy the Gay Bay. :)


Rock! You certainly deserve being in Wired more than I did.

Awesome! I keep running into blogs from the conference and I've been looking for you in the pictures :p

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