Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

JetBlue sucks.

JetBlue cancelled my flight. They offered to move it to tomorrow. (Suck.) or to fly me to Seattle. Sherm is going to pick me up in Seattle, ahve me stay with him, train down to PDX in the morning...

except I lost my ID. in the 200 ft of hallway between security and the jetblue desk. Can't find it anywhere. So I can't train or fly.

So sherm is now driving me from Seattle to Portland tonight, with Chelsea.

They are teh awesome.

I think that this is probably my most stressful flying experience ever.

I just want to fall asleep.

One nice thing about flying: I never stress. I can't stress about anything, because I can't *do* anything about anything that happens, because I'm in the fuckin air, ya know?

Hopefully this goes smooth. Or I'm just screwed.

JetBlue, of course, wouldn't do anything to accomodate me from SEA->PDX, because "the airport cancelled the flight." And the flight they put me on would have given me -2 minutes to connect, and that was the last flight to PDX tonight.

Oh, life. How I hate your guts sometimes.

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