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barcamp boston
going to barcamp boston tomorrow, from 9ish to 6:30ish. Taking Schuyler and Jo, plus another local mapping person, Gregor, with me.

Flying to Portland Sunday night, coming back on the Tuesday midnight redeye, JetBlue both ways.

I'll be my first time in JFK airport. Think I'll survive?

Also, I really wish that every single thing that's of interest in my field didn't happen in the same month. Platial having a 3 day hackathon the day after barcamp and half a week before Where 2.0 is totally not fair.

I'm going to miss Jess like hell 2 weeks from now. Portland Sun->Wed morning, but at least we have next weekend up in the mountains. Our third anniversary, and we're going to be going on our postponed-postponed-postponed-postponed Valentine's Day retreat. Assuming nobody bails on us again.

Still. I have a feeling I'm going to take the week after Where off from work or something. Probably can't entirely from Platial, depending on how the next two weeks go, but probably can from MetaCarta, with how much work I've gotten done on OpenLayers. Should be interesting.

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Let me know how the JetBlue/JFK combo works for you. I'm flying JetBlue out of Boston through JFK to New Orleans, so I'd love to know how it goes. :)

JFK is extraordinarily easy to navigate. Very self-explanatory and simple. I find other airports to be far more complex and difficult. New Yorkers know how to keep things basic and optimally functional. ;) Have a good trip!

I actually think JFK airport is really fun -- it's a great place for a layover, if you have enough time.

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