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This evening was pretty fun.

Came over. Got lost twice, but did find Jayni's house. Came in, found danny and jayni, got a shot of tquila in me. Played DDR a couple times and sobered up, had another shot. Hung out with Jayni and friends for a while, then had 3 shots of tequila in 5 minutes ish -- one was to train all the non-tequila drinkers how to do it (slat, glass, lime) although usually I'm a no-chasers type of person, even lime.

Still drunk, so I'm going to crash here for a couple hours, hopefully getting up in time to decorate graves with Troop 25 tomorrow so that I can decorate graves. That means I need to be up in about 3 hours. THis would let me probably get my eagle award finally, although admittedly without a Court of Honor. I should set one of those up someday.

I am quite alcohol-ridden sitll, despite my last drink being several hours ago. Hopefully I will be able to drive before I need to get back to my parents house tomorrow so that they can take me toa plane in the morning.

Tony Graduated. Congratulations Tony.

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eagle award? court of honor? huh?

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