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Apparently I set a reminder for myself 341 days ago that I had a wedding to go to this weekend.

However, I can't figure out why the hell I would have set this reminder.

Is someone getting married this weekend? Someone that acerbic and I know, perhaps?

This is so going to bug me. :p

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i have a FOAF getting married this weekend. Of course, that'd make them FOAFOAF or some such and very unlikely reminder material.

Ouch. I hate when I do that! There're few things worse than having a plan in your calendar and not recalling any single detail about it. :/

Haha! Oh, Goddess. It would such an sinister prank to play on someone. I could just see it being a friend of his or something that scribbled it down. Greyfaces will fear this. Hail Eris. :p

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