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destroyed powerbook

Originally uploaded by crschmidt.
My powerbook lid fell off when i tossed it onto the couch :(

More images are on flickr, under the powerbook destruction tags.

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Thinly-veiled attempt to justify buying a macbook?

But I didn't do it! I just did the same thing I always do (toss it onto the couch/chair) and it went *pop* and it was in pieces :(

I'm actually trying to hold on buying a macbook for the time being. Trying for delayed gratification in hopes of being able to gather a bit more income/pay off a bit more tax debt.

I assume it's the back of the display panel that's come off? I've dismantled our powerbook a few times and there's enough screws in the bit holding the keyboard down that there's no way that bit would pop open.


Yeah, and If I had really tiny screws and a really tiny screwdriver, I could probably fix it myself. It looks like the little metal prongs hanging out on either side lost their screws and therefore went 'pop'. The biggest problem I have with just forcing it back into place is the wireless antenna, which I can't get to stay in (and I'd rather not force it and end up chopping the antenna in half).

I'll just take it to my mac fix-it guy tomorrow and have him take care of it.

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