Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Geo, Party, Morning

Geomancers meeting last night went way better than I expected: met some really cool people, talked about more stuff than just mine, which was great. Saw a (quasi-)print-ready version of the GreenMap, and Schuyler talked to the author about putting up a web-friendly version on the freemap server, since it's built entirely on shapefiles and so on. We also talked about the benefits of linking the symbols to the Open Guide to Boston or something similar: The Greenmap in and of itself is interesting, but it becomes far more interesting when you have the ability to comment on places, and link in more data.

Discussed a little bit about Platial, open data APIs. Talked about the ability of a social conversation around a location being a great resoure for restoring declining property value by allowing people nearby to share the stories about a neighborhood that make it great. It seems that the housing market, in Mass and nationwide, is peaking out of the bubble. In March, for some area that I don't remember (Cambridge?), not a single house sold for over its assessed value: and indeed, most houses are selling 20%->40% below that value. This is a major issue: tax revenue, neighborhood value, tons and tons of stuff are simply going to fall apart under this. With that in mind, it would be a major resource to let people in the neighborhood of a house share its good points -- because the more someone pays for a house, the more that your house is worth, if you're in the same place.

Discussed the benefits of creating a 'rap sheet' for a house: an idea Schuyler had a while back, but only targetted towards selling agents, not buying agents, which is where more value might be. Discussed that mapping in the real estate space is a huge deal: it's too big of an industry for no one to be putting effort into taking advantage of it.

Afterwards, invited everyone to come back to The Commune for a party, as discussed yesterday. Not many people showed up: Alan (Allan?), who's been at every geo meeting so far, decided to come back to the house, as did Schuy and Jo, and Heather and Chris (friends of Jess's) came over too, and talked MIT geekery with Alan.

I drank too much, and this morning was still paying for it -- nasuea and general stomach upset. I'm still feeling a bit of it. Today's mostly been a sit around on the computer and do nothing day.

Need to do something new and exciting with the Open Guide to Boston. I'm not sure what yet, becuase I have so many things that I want to do, but so few that I have everything in place for yet. Hopefully that'll be changing in the near future.

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