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Party party party!
Very mellow. So laid back it'll be horizontal.

Usual hanging out, chatting, snacking, drinking if you care to, not drinking if you don't care to, blah blah blah. Much talk of geekery, I anticipate.

Let's aim for a start time of right after the geomancers meeting, so say about 7:30/8ish at the house? Give everyone enough time to grab dinner if they're so inclined? Feel free to bring your significant others, since parties always turn into wild orgies.

(For values of which, read "Much snacking and holy wars over Linux vs. BSD.")

Friends are also welcome, as always.

RSVP as early as possible so that we can get food for the right number of people :)

  • Video Games!
  • Laptops!
  • Enjoying the beautiful weather we have!

As you all may or may not know:
Address: 151 Erie Street, Cambridgeport
Directions: Take T to Central Square. Walk down Pearl Street for a half mile. Take a left onto Erie Street. Stop at 151 Erie. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.
Phone: 603.264.2294

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I'll try to turn up after the opening of Steer Roast, since the drugs and debauchery thing isn't for me. Yay 151 Erie!

Am I unusual in that my parties never turn into wild orgies?



You missed the 'read "Much snacking and holy wars over Linux vs. BSD."'! To me, that's way better than an orgy...

And whose telephone number is that exactly, pray tell?

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