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end of time
My favorite comment in the LJ codebase.

#   the end of time.  we don't include the last end of time second
#   because that's what backdated entries are set to.  (so for one
#   second at the end of time we'll have a flashback of all those
#   backdated entries... but then the world explodes and everybody
#   with 32 bit time_t structs dies)

(From ljlib.)

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God what a horrible hack.

they know when the end of time is? well that is impressive.
or is this the 2038 linux bug that i remember you trying to explain to me once.

$LJ::EndOfTime = 2147483647; (Also from ljlib)

This is the 2038 bug. Specifically, Mon Jan 18 22:14:07 EST 2038.

By then, it'll have changed to be some absolutely gigantic amount of time, though, because we'll all be using 64 bit time_t structures.

They just need to use Ruby's "BigNum". :)

It's not a case of the number system not supporting it -- most of the systems now are 64bit, I'm pretty sure. The problem is at the database level -- but it's really probably just legacy that hasn't needed to change at this point.

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