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New Picture
I took some time today with the Canon and the new tripod out on the back porch today in an attempt to come up with a mugshot for Where. For the most part, I like how this one came out. A lot of the other ones had problems -- in one case, I focused the camera before I sat down, and used the timed shutter, and the result was that the focus was on the backdrop behind me rather than on me. Quite frustrating.

I think I look like a kid, but it's not as bad as it could be. Larger version available on flickr.

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Yeah, that happens every 6-8 weeks, usually when Jess can drag me out to do something about it.

My hair gets cut when other people start telling me to my face that it's starting to get really ratty.

It looks good, by the way! I was just surprised.

Yeah, I do look really different in that picture than... well, any other picture I can think of of me online. I don't think there's many of me with short hair.

Kristna reminded me that I took pics the last time I got the hair cut, cause it was Junior League time. http://flickr.com/photos/crschmidt/95868537/ is a good example -- the hair's pretty much the same there, although a bit more done up.

You look a bit like idigital there. Or maybe I'm on crack.


Yeah, I do a bit. Which is okay. I always thought he looked older than I did, so it's good to know that I look that old in the picture.

Of course, I've been told I looked like him before too.

Would you be offended if I were to tag that picture "twink"? :D

But, yeah, it makes you look pretty cute.

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