Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Business Card Order

Just ordered business cards from VistaPrint. They were supposed to be cheap, but the shipping cost for two weeks is the same as the total price of the order. I realized as I hit the order button I should have at least called a local shop to check if they would be able to give me a better price.

This is the design, which is originally from this file which a friend helped me toss together from a modification of one of the templates.

Still, on the whole, the price wasn't bad. I've gone way too long without business cards -- it's becoming an issue way more regularly now than it used to be in the past, since I'm trying to get together a group of geo-people in Cambridge, and they all have cards -- and of course I don't.

I figure that even if I get a full time gig somewhere, having my own card can't hurt.

So, relatively soon, I'll be "Christopher Schmidt: Web Development" (times 500). I'm looking forward to this far more than I was my wedü cards for whatever reason -- probably because I actually have a use for these.

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