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post by phone
So, i found out today that my cell phone can send email now. I have no idea when that happened.

Clouds make good photographs, but not having time or camera handy kind of doesn't.

Picking up ali from therapy now. It's really nice out: should have spent more time outside today. Hope the rain doesn't get rid of all the nice weather.

Just watched a bus almost smash a car. Oh, driving in boston, how i love thee.

Supposed to run a geo meeting tomorrow. Also supposed to be in 2 places at once later in the evening: NH for lj user karnil and cambridge for jo'S party. Ah, social life, why must you hate me.

Enough babble. Time to go.

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Driving in Boston sounds better than driving in Fontana. I got to sit at a full stop in the middle of the road the other morning while four vest-wearing cops drew their guns and advanced into some guy's lawn to take him into custody.

A guy drown himself in the pool behind my apartment one night. He was drunk and climbed the locked fence to do it. I didn't watch them get the body out, though. There are some things I don't need to know how they do.

One night, we had just moved in to a new apartment in San Bernardino. Just boxes everywhere still. We had just sat down and our door flies open and a woman runs in screaming something about her boyfriend and a gun and where's the phone. We just moved in so we didn't have a phone, so my stepdad went in search of one while we tried to calm the woman down and find out what happened.

Long story short, her boyfriend shot himself in the head with a Tec-9. Her other kids, poor thing, were still in the apartment. The baby was all of six feet from him, before my mother remembered having seen children with the woman earlier and ran down to rescue them. (Having only heard something about a boyfriend and a gun.)

I always thought you'd hear a gun going off with that proximity, but no one did.

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