Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Geomancers thingy

I met some local geo people yesterday. One who does interactive art exhibits with cultural references georeferenced in a video/audio presentation type thing -- move in from a globe to a local area in Boston, and see what people in that area have to say about it. That was pretty cool -- guy's a professor at Emerson.

We'll be meeting weekly in the Muddy Charles Pub starting next week. Seems like a good crowd, and I think it'll get better now that we have a general plan in mind. Two days notice isn't enough -- anything less than a week is too short. It's not quite GNHLUG, but being able to organize a group to get together is nice.

I need to look into getting my mac address stored on the MIT network so I don't have to sign up every time: I'm on visit 4 of 14 that I can make as a visitor.

Open Guide to Boston is growing in visitorship, and in non-me edits as well. Most of my role at this point is administrative -- cleaning up broken pages, moving things around to fit better, and improving documentation so that people don't make the same mistakes in the future. Am also working to get some of my code integrated with the main OG trunk so that I don't have to maintain so much seperately.

Zami is back up, as is -- I'm going to help populate that guide, as well as set up one for San Jose that can be used at the Where 2.0 conference as a good boosting off point for generating more energy/interest in OpenGuides via talks with other people locally and so on.

Oh, and I'm almost definitely going to Where 2.0 -- O'Reilly's going to help get me there. Need to work on that too.

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