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My iPod has been lost somewhere in the house. Last time I saw it was when aajwind was playing with it a week and a half ago. I did get some more of the house clean, and Emmy is making amazing progress on the downstairs of the house.

I'm really tired.

Rent is mailed though, and the DVD selection has been cleaned up to the point that we actually know where things are (shock! Horror!) and we've got netflix flowing again so Jess and I are going to be watching the Sopranos tonight.

I think I'm probably going to be posting a lot of entries today.

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I put it back into the pile of things on the table next to the bed I slept in after I took music off of it and put it onto my iBook. I remember sporadically noticing it throughout the weekend in the same place because I would always think it was mine (cause I have the same thing, but 30GB).

Yeah, that's what I figured -- that was the first place I looked. It was probably removed by a child/dog/person, knowingly or unknowingly. It might have also been moved by me, but I certainly don't remember doing it, and can't find it in any of the places I'd expect something that I moved to be.

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