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Tag Editing
If you're on my friends list, you can now edit the tags on any of my entries. Each entry should have a 'Tags" link (next to 'Comment', where "Memory?" used to be, in my style) through which you can 'Do anything with [my] tags that [I] can do" -- FAQ 229. (The magical incantation, uttered into the admin console, was "tag_permissions friends friends".)

I'm not really expecting anyone to go back and tag things for me, but who knows, they might. I also think that I'll start using tags more. Maybe even write some scripts to set tags based on old content in entries: things with "ipod" getting an ipod tag and so on.

For the record, for the S2 users among us, the key for tag editing is "edit_tags". I'm sure this is documented somewhere, but I only found it by looking at LJ/ in the code. I wonder if there's some magical S2 documentation that I don't know about.
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Hey, it works :) I'll enable it in just a minute. I love it when people edit my tags (in Flickr, for example) :D

i still don't really see the point of lj tags. but letting everyone fiddle with them is neat

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