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GeoURL Redux
Crossposted to lj_nifty, although I have no doubt that will take ages to be approved, so I'm posting it here too. Also, becuase I find it relevant and interesting.

A long time ago, I posted some code and information about how to add GeoURL information to your journal.

Those instructions are no longer even remotely neccesary, as LiveJournal now supports the ability to set your location via the admin console.

Visit the admin console, and type something like:

set icbm "34.2234,-122.3434"


set icbm "34.23234N 122.3432W"

This results in a tag similar to <meta name="ICBM" content="34.2234,-122.3434" />

If you're in the US, you can look up your latitude and longitude using geocoder.us. If you're outside the US, you can search for your address on Google Maps. Once you've found it, double click slightly away from the marker, and click "link to this page". The URL in the browser bar now contains something like: "ll=41.85,-87.65". Copy paste the bit after the "ll=" and before the next &, and paste that into the admin console command above.

Then you can Ping GeoURL and see your neighbors. (Hello, Cambridge!)
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This results in a tag

I presume only for people using S2? I saw no difference after setting that property, but I'm using an S1 custom style.

I'm surprised -- I would have expected it to go in the additional header information along with FOAF.

Seems like an oversight: commented in changelog, but I don't expect an answer. If you're interested, I'd recommend talking to someone else or opening a bug about it.

Seems like an oversight

I suppose that's possible. I thought it might have been deliberate, along the lines of "S1 gets security bugfixes but no more improvements or features; let them eat cakeuse S2 if they want those".

Thanks for the comment in changelog; I think at the moment I won't pursue it further. I added the meta tag through a LASTN_HEAD override now (turned out my LASTN wasn't a custom style after all but rather stock Default LiveJournal).

Hmmmmm...I guess it only likes certain propnames. ("icbm" works, but "homesweethome" doesn't ... what are the rules on propnames?) Oh well....

Userprops are predetermined -- basically, there's one for everything on editinfo.bml, and some others that have no UI.


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