Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt


Last night, went out to Miracle of Science, with intention of then going over to Asgard for quiz night. Xavier came over to the commune first, and Schuy+Jo and a friend of theirs (marc) met us there. We collectively had a couple drinks at Miracle of Science, and Jo and Schuy decided to go home due to exhaustion rather than join us at the Asgard.

Asgard was full, so we moved on to Tavern in the Square instead. They had nothing cold for whatever reason, so Jess ended up with shots of Goldschlager (see userpic). I did two girly martini's: One a straberry something and one a raspberry something. The other boys at the table all drank various beers.

After that, we dragged Marc back to our house, where he, Emmy and Ben finished off the berry tequilas we had made. After getting too drunk to walk, he spent the night crashed out on the futon chair.

It was much fun. Good friends + Good booze == Good times.

A little bit of gold...

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