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st. patrick's day
pho, food
Oh, I forgot to mention:

Around 9:30PM, on March 17th, 2006, I drank my first beer. A Guiness, taken at People's Republik, with raventhon, jpallan, Schuyler and Jo as my witnesses.

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Holy shit, Leroy! First beer a Guinness? You're a braver soul than I, Gunga Din.

Of course, now, you'll never be able to drink "regular" North American beer, being as it is like making love in a canoe....

I'm not sure when my first beer was, but I know my last one was the night Reagan got elected ... I like to say "That was enough to put anyone off drink!", but the truth was it was just an interesting coinkydink.

I figured there's no better time than St. Patty's Day to drink a Guiness.

I didn't like the taste all that much, but I could see how it might be aquired. I actually tried something raventhon was having and liked it a lot better than what I had.

I don't think I'll ever be a regular beer drinker.

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