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Happy Birthday To Me
Happy Birthday to me,
I'm almost twenty-three.
But the teasing and giggling,
says I'm almost thirty.

(Kristan has a habit of trying to make Jess feel old by telling her "you're almost 30." Despite the fact that she's 24. I am sure this will now apply to me as well. Of course, Jess has a tendancy of saying "I feel so old" that causes this teasing. I tend to not feel so old, I suppose.)

Many thanks to everyone who showed up yesterday. Much Mario Karting and brother Smashing took place, which was good fun.

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If it makes you feel any better, when you're finally in your 30s, I will probably not say that you're almost 40. Because that's just depressing. I suppose I could start asking Alicia when the grandkids are coming, though. :p

I already posted it in my journal before I read it here... But happy birthday, anyway!


Happy birthday! I'm sorry I didn't make it yesterday :(

Happy Birthday!

And now for some random LJ-related questions:
1) Why does my default animated icon (.gif) not show the animation anymore? I went and reloaded it as my default and it showed the animation, but when I hit "save" it stopped again. I noticed it had stopped a few days ago. WFT?
2) Is LJ just generally f-ed up right now? My friends page is only showing 5 entries, but when I hit back 20 it does jump back 20. I just can't see anything in between. I've logged out and back in, I've used a different browser, I've waited, all to no avail.

Any wisdom?

hehe....I said WFT instead of WTF. Wow, I really am distracted. *shakes head*


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