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perm account
who should I give a permanant (livejournal) account to? Why?

(This is not an academic excercise.)

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Sherm's girlfriend. Because she deals/has dealt with LJ rampages and was originally one of the first 30k users. And, uh, she's nice. And feels left out.

me! *looks cute and innocent*

seriously, i'm not sure i know someone that both you and i know that doesn't already have a perm who would enjoy it properly (ie, actually wants one, whether or not they think they'll ever get one). i mean, there must be, but i'm too lazy to go look at profiles.

obscurek. Because he's a cute, single geek from Ontario who I've had a geek crush on for awhile now (like, years) and he deserves to be made happy with something and I don't think he has one yet.

yes. give it to jess. she is the livejournal queen. love her. !


I second that!

Granted, it looks like she already has one. But c'mon, she's your fiancee.

Right, but since she already has one, and one to give away, not so much neccesary. :p

Whoever you see fit. It's your permanant account to do with what you wish.

That being said...HOMGME!!! ;)

Well, while I would certainly want one (who wouldn't?) how about writing a quick script and just let it randomly pick one person - though you would have to then check against who may already have one. Probably wouldn't take you but a minute or two to put together, I would think.

I don't want to give it to a random person :p

Well, I meant to say for it to pick one person from your friends list. Not an entirely random selection, such as from everyone in LiveJournaldom. :) But I gotta figure that most people on your friends list already have one, so it shouldn't be too hard to pick.

me! because i love the livejoural, because i've had mine for almost 5 years and my paid account is almost expired. because i can't afford to keep paying for it, but absolutely never ever want to give it up. because you like me.

Your girlfriend :) If she hasn't already got one that is.

Yeah, I'm not that dumb. ;) She not only has one, she has one to give away too.

I had a feeling you'd say that ;)

i already have one (yay getting in on one of their "we need money NOW" fundraisers), but color me curious - why do you have one to throw around?

In the distant past, people got accounts for helping out with stuff. This is how Kristan got hers, back in the ice ages of LiveJournal.

I always felt that I was relatively deserving of one of these accounts, but they were not given out to volunteers regularly for quite a while, becuase brad was like "wait. I'm giving free shit to half our users. what the fuck?"

So, I just decided that I'd keep paying.

In the last "Pay us money!" jess bought me one anyway.

a couple months ago (after the six apart buyout) someone convinced the Powers That Be to give out more accounts.

I recieved a coupon for one.

This person:


Because she's mentioned it twice in her journal today, and I don't believe in coincidence ;)

Me,because. . .um. . . *thinks* I've known you a long time? and remember really obscure things from chat 3 years ago? :)


Me. For I am just now this minute reading my friends page and didn't see this earlier and because I am the only (adult)Commune Resident without one.

You don't? That... surprises me. I thought sure you had one... you certainly deserve it, based on your merits. IMO.

I vote "yes" on question pezstar. :)

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