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julie had a fever of 104 for much of last nigh, after throwing up several times this afternoon. After it was no longer coming down with Tylenol, it was decided to take her to the hospital around 2am. Jess and Emmy are still there with her: It's just a virus, but they have her on an IV because they can't keep any food in her without her throwing up, and she was majorly dehydrated.

They may admit her if they can't get her to keep anything down. She'll be fine, but is a pretty sick little puppy at the moment. Send good thoughts.

Edit: Still sick, but they're going to release her and send her home instead of keeping her anymore. She'll be an unhappy puppy for the next few days, but she'll be alright.

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Goodthoughts on the way; should be there shortly, if they're not there now.

I hope Julie feels better soon, and that it's nothing serious. I hope Jess is okay, too.

Sending lots of good thoughts. Hope she feels better soon.

Good to hear she'll be at home. Lots of goodthoughts for all of you.

poor baby... hope she feels better soon...

My oldest (now 23) used to dehydrate at the drop of a hat. It got to be almost a routine; he'd get sick, he'd get a fever, he'd get dehydrated, we'd take him to the ER, they'd prescribe antibiotics (it always turned out to be something bacterial), they'd load him up with a full IV bag, we'd take him home, he'd pee like a racehorse, he'd go to sleep, he'd feel much better the next day. S.O.P. from about age 18 months to 6 years or so.

She'll be feeling, if not "better", at least a lot less crappy today. I hope.

Ohdear. Send her my get-well wishes.

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