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hand update
Hand is recovering. Did a wound check last night, the doctors saw it was infected (which is why I'm on FUCKING HORSE PILLS that are augmentin) and told me to come back again tonight. They also drew a little purple circle around the infection. However, given that the infected area is almost completely gone at this point, I don't think I'm going to go back and spend another 1.5 hours at the hospital for no real reason: They just sat me there and looked at it last time.

Job interview with OASIS went decently: It's pretty far out for a daily commute though.

Pain is significant, but ibuprofin is helping a lot. Also, what is up with 600mg ibuprofin working on me for like, 12 hours? Isn't it supposed to wear off after 6?

Phone interview in about 15 minutes. Kinda nervous, because I'm not sure how well I match the position, even though I think I'd like it (and it's in town! hooray!) Waiting on a couple other places to get back to me with thoughts -- hopefully will be able to make a decision late next week between people that I'm talking to.

Hand has impaired working badly -- going to have to do some stuff over the weekend to catch up.

Moose is okay. Thank goodness. Bruised, cranky, but okay. Didn't even break anything.

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Cat scratches get infected SO easily. I'm glad to hear that Moosie will pull through.

The scratches actually wound up to be okay: it was the bites that got me. (3 on my wrist, one on my thumb.) But they all seem to be doing okay with the antibiotics, so I'm not too concerned, but I am glad that I let myself be taken to the hospital.

Ibuprofen is an antiinflammatory, which reduces swelling, which might not return right away (or at all), which could be why it took 12 hours for it to hurt again.

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