Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

that poor cat.

moose got outside. moose had a tussle with the local dog (in-law apartment owns said dog). moose escaped up tree. yay moose.

moose could not get down from tree. fire department said "You think we're doing *what* with a pissed off cat?" and apologized as they went away.

i climb tree. 35ish feet up. (I was roof level of our house.) i attempt to retrieve moose. I suffer one scratch/bite fest. I survive, and resolve to get moose if it kills me.

It did. after a second round, i decide that being in a tree, 35 feet up, with a hand that has 3 puncture wounds through the wrist and is rapidly becoming numb, it's time to give up. The cat is scared to death and I just can't do anything anymore. I made it down -- barely. I was feeling nausea and almost puked when rinsing the blood off my hand. It hurt. a lot.

I go to the ER to get it looked at. (Antibiotics and antiseptic wash.) Kristan, emmy, jenn stay home. Moose eventually falls out of tree. the poor guy hit a tree branch, and a fence, before hitting the ground. I can't imagine how much that must have scared everyone watching.

I'm so sorry he's hurt. He's at angell: overnight stay. radiology in the morning: too hyper for it tonight, they'll have to sedate him. He was in shock when they brought him in. He's stable, but not in good shape.

That poor cat.

I really want to kill the dog. I know that moose was not supposed to be outside, but that dog... sigh.

Had I been 15 seconds faster, i could have gotten the dog away from moose. (Who did a kickass job defending his turf.)

Had I been thinking enough to bring the cat carrier with me, I might have been able to get him out.

So many things i might hahve done.

my right hand is mostly unusable -- or at least, its slightly usable, with pain.

I'm behind on work and have a 2pm job interview with OASIS tomorrow.

That poor cat. That poor fucking cat.
Tags: kitties

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