Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt


I'm looking for employment starting around April 1st. If you might be interested in a PHP programmer, Python programmer, or Geo hacker, check out my resume.

  • Must be able to work from in or near Cambridge. If I can somehow be home on Tuesday and Friday mornings, that would be great.
  • Am looking for something Python or PHP, Perl is also a possibility although I'm less proficient in it.
  • Minimum compensation $65k annually. (Compensation requirements will also depend on a lot of other factors, but that's my bottom of the barrel offer.

Geo or cell phone hackery is a plus. Full time salaried work good. Full time contract work pretty good. Part time contracting may be okay, depending on requirements and compensation.

Feel free to share anywhere -- my website has a similar statement in the upper right.

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