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Gigantic Mall
Did you know that there's a mall from Back Bay Station all the way down to the Copley Square Sheraton? Seriously. You could live inside the hotel there and never have to go outside: it's an incredible amount of ritzy-mallspace that I never knew existed. It just keeps going and going and going. It's no mall of America, for square footage, i'm sure, but it's *long* because it's not got all the side stuff -- and it has two hotels in it! It's craziness.

Met Charles Stross, Hugo-Award winning author last night. He and Jess had a wonderful time talking, and I even got a few words in edgewise at one point or another. Got him to sign a copy of his book for me.

Have laid in bed all morning: kids are with Jay for an extra couple days because they have vaccation this week, and I'm getting all the relaxation in I can. Will be venturing out on the E-line later today, a first for me: I have only taken the green line in the opposite direction from Park, but my computer is just off the Longwood Medical Area stop.

I'm still amazed that you can be inside so much mall. Heck, now that I think about it, you could even go to Filene's Basement without ever stepping outside: just go under the Dartmouth Street Underpass to the Back Bay Station, get off in DTX, and go to Filene's.

That's so weird.

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I didn't realise y'all had a setup like that in your area. (Is that in Boston proper, or still in Cambridge?)

It's SOP in most decent-sized Canadian cities. Montreal is the best-known example, with huge areas connected by underground tunnels. Toronto has lots of similar things. In Edmonton and Calgary, much of the connection is via second-story walkways (called "15-plus" in Calgary, so named because they're usually about 15' up).

Vancouver isn't as much like that; but then, Vancouver doesn't get as cold as the other named cities.

This is Boston-proper. It may be that there are a number of these, but I didn't know about them: Basically, it's a long mall, connected by a "15-plus" walkway to another. I know that there are a fair number of walkways above and below gound at various places, but don't really know much about them: it could be that they're just for inter-office stuff, or any number of things, I really have no clue.

I'm pretty sure there's nothing like that in Cambridge, becasue I know the area relatively well now, and the buildings here just aren't as mall-like as the stuff in downtown Boston. There is the Cambridgeside Galleria - which is a relatively big mall, but it's all in one place, three levels, etc. rather than something that just stretches on and on.

This is a map of Montreal's underground city. Not sure how it compares to Boston's, but it's frikkin huge, for sure.

Oh, I love Charlie Stross. *envy*

Is this the Prudential Center shopping mall?

Yup. Mondo center at the Pru.

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