Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Broken iPod, Keyboard, Hard Drive

Sigh. Making an appointment at the Genius Bar must be goddamn near impossible if you actually want to establish any kin of reasonable timeframe for getting out of here. Every time I come in, no matter how well planned I am, I always have to wait hours for anything to happen with regards to my problems.

I've got an iPod with a broken Hard Drive. Copying files to it gives me an error that coyping to the hard drive failed.

I've got a computer with a failing keyboard. Several keycaps have simply stopped working, and the D key is completely destroyed in a way that makes it practically unusable. (Removing the keycap, and the nipple, and pressing directly on the pad does 'work', in a way.

Then there's the issue with the Powerbook hard drive: when there's less than about 5GB of space filled, I get kernel errors when trying to read from the files (randomly). The hardware there is probably horked, but of course, proving that it's not my fault (since this machine has been beat up pretty badly) is hard.

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