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Unwritten Entries
I have about 2 dozen entries floating around in my head.

Among them are:

* Comparison of racial "diversity" of Alicia's previous school to her current school. -- http://crschmidt.livejournal.com/325005.html
* Marketing yourself: "Handle it like CNN. Constant Updates."
* Social networking in the real world: Linux and other advocacy groups providing connections for employment and other opportunities
* Why Julianne yelling at me hurts so much.
* Alicia's improvement in attitude (in some ways, at least)
* Technical Ramblings on mapping the world around me
* Technical ramblings on cellstumbling
* Being your own big brother: tracking location in the real world with a cell phone and GPS.
* Wifi as a solution to the digital divide: what it will take to get wifi where it needs to be, and what else needs to be done.

And these are just a few of the more interesting ones.

Anyone interested in longer entries on any of these?

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I'm interested in Alicia and Julianne! Not so much interested in the techy stuff, but I know you have other readers who will be. :)

To me, the most interesting sounding of those are racial diversity, wifi, and the kids.

I'd read posts on any of the above topics, but I'm especially interested in wifi/gps

I'd be interested in all of them :)

The WiFi one sounds particularly interesting.

wifi from or sponsored by municipalities is a big desire of mine, and i'd be interested in hearing your take on it.

at the very least, internet access needs to be a regulated utility like electricity or some such.

I read about a plan/desire to make RI the first all-covered-by-wifi state in the US. I'm too lazy to Google it right now. :)

(Obviously, I'm all for it.)

Re: wifi

that plan is only for "enterprise" wireless - so to businesses and government agencies. consumer access will have to be a "purchased add on" or some such nonsense.

Well, that's too bad.

Maybe some enterprising info-anarchists can try their own hand at wi-fi-ing (wi-fi-ifying?) RI for the masses.

If I had the money and the know-how, I'd start right now. :)

they're giving free internet to businesses, but not people? that's fucking weak


My friend wrote some things about it/has a blog you might find interesting: http://the-agent.net/blog

I'm most curious about the "social networking" one, the "racial 'diversity'" one, and the Alicia/Julianne ones.

I'm curious what you think about the ISPs vs. the Internet thing that's going on now.

I'd be interested in the kid ones, especially b/c I also have an angsty grade school kid and a preschooler who screams at everyone.

kidses. technical ramblings make my eyes glaze (though i'm sure a lot of people dig them), but i'm curiuos about the location tracking thing, in terms of what it is you do/plan to do with it

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