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Last night, I fought 20 tonberries, killed the Giant Tonberry, therefore acquiring him as a GF.

I also defeated the Giant Cactuar, and in the process learned that mini-cactuars offer 20 AP Each. Squall can knock one dead in one hit, so this ended up getting me ~ 200 AP in about 5 minutes.

Earlier in the afternoon, I also killed Odin, so I will be able to obtain Gilgamesh when I head to Lunatic Pandora and take on Seifer.

At my best, I boosted Shiva to 175, Leviathan to 235, Pandemona to 210. I got Ifrit to 160. My boosting skills are at an all time high.

Diablos is now level 35, so any characters on whom his attacks work can be dead in 3 rounds max.

And no, this isn't all euphemism, nor some strange code.

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Once I started on the cactuars, I had a tendancy just to stay there and let the GF's learn everything they could. After which, all the "bonus on level up" went on Irvine, my lowest level character, and then leveled him up all the way with that. His limit break is insane on high levels. :-P

I know he isn't always useful, except to junction, but I love tonberries. always have, and I hope they continue to put them in every final fantasy game as of FF3j.

I absolutely love it when they give you a super amazing GF but everything is immune to it. But when they're not, oh man, dead dead dead!

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Can't remember the name of it, but the GF ability Initiative (the one that lets you go first in battles) is insanely useful also.

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