Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

working in a coal mine...

today, i started work at 6:30. I helped Alicia get ready from 7:00 to 7:30. I worked for 45 minutes, got Julie ready and Jess out the door at 8:45. I then sat down, closed IRC, and worked until 4PM without moving.

Kristan made me pancakes and eggs and sausage at one point, which I ate, then got back to working. I stopped for 30 minutes to finish a foundation novel, but between 10:00AM and 4PM, I don't think I got out of my chair. I was working the entire time.

Very seldom do I work for that much time straight. In this case, it's a final push on a series of long bugfixes that I'm looking forward to reaching the end of. But really, I worked 6 hours without moving without even thinking about it.

5PM rolled around, and I realized, "Hey, I haven't eaten in a while. maybe i should do that. Oh, and standing up is a good thing too."

Soon, soon I get to do something more fun at work. Looking forward to it.

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