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Kitty in the fishtank
Why does tony keep climbing into the fishtank?

It's empty, and Kristan and I moved and cleaned this weekend, so I suspect it's merelye confusion as why his old birdwatching spot now has this big glass thing in the middle of it. But he seems to like it entirely too much in there.

I'll laugh if he climbs in still after we have water in there.

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It appears YOU have my picture on your LJ, delete it.

Wrong, on several levels. is not, and never was, my lj. is not up anymore in any way shape or form.

Your problem is with Google, not me.

Hah! Zan has been hanging out on top of the crossbrace of my 55 lately. I really need to get it placed and filled tomorrow -- and away from anything they can jump onto the crossbrace from (I've currently got most of my furniture in the main room stuck in the middle while I steamclean the carpet around the outside of the room).

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