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financial solvency
I just paid off all of our Christmas-time expenses. Airline tickets, gifts for umpteen dozens of people, hotel stay, everything we did is now paid off.

I am, at the moment, almost entirely free of credit card debt. (I have a bit on my 'personal' credit card, which Jess isn't a holder on - the bookshelves I bought this weekend.)

*man* that's a good feeling. I don't think I've ever had both of our major credit cards paid off at the same time since I moved in with Jess.

Now, to start saving money again -- first to pay off taxes in April, then to build up the nest egg in case the bubble pops.

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Hey there,

I stumbled upon you via in which you gave a bit of a tutorial on how to import Livejournal posts into Wordpress. Unfortunately the link on there is no longer active and Id like to give yours a try because all of the others are either flaky, will only do public posts or won't work with the newer Wordpress versions.

Thanks :)

I make no promises that it still works: I wrote it at the time of Wordpress 1.2, remember. The file is at .

I provide no support for this file, or any help for importing your entries, and i make no promises it won't forever bork your WP install.

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