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I think I'm actually starting to get excited now. Before, anytime someone asked, my answer was just that I was excited to be there, but not excited to be leaving. I'm really starting to be ready to go...

While I was looking for my bear last night, I decided I would go through all my clothes and pull out what I'm taking. So now i've got most of my clothes picked out... I'm starting to want to go.

And no matter what i've said before, I think that Sarah and I have a pretty good chance of making it through. As long as neither of us falls into the "lets cut off our nose to spite our faces" trap, I think we'll be just peachy.

Sarah's room is BLUE now. It's really very cool. I kind of wish my room was a cool color now - but I've always kind of liked my room anyway, So I guess it's okay. ;)

I leave in 4 days, 3 hours. I may not be ready to leave sarah, but i am ready to leave now. I'm not so stuck in my rut I dont' want to go anymore.

Oh, and I'm not taking my bike anymore. I'm taking the old Pacific Scorpio. Hopefully that won't get stolen.

I'm getting a new pair of glasses tomorrow. Well, 2 new pairs. Hopefully I will be able to read street signs again - I hadn't realized how bad my eyes were getting, but the doctor says they are twice as bad as they used to be. Very not cool.

Anything else, anything else...

I looooooooooooooooooove sarah!

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