Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Resolutions thus far

Two of the most important resolutions that were offered to me in my recent poll for the new year are:
  • Go outside more
  • Write in your journal more

Thus far, I've been doing relatively well with each of these tasks.

* Write in your journal more.
Between here and crschmidt_tech, I've posted on an average of once per day since the new year. I plan to make this a goal - most likely attempting to post once or twice a week in Technical Ramblings, and once a week here. Since I plan to take a large interest in photography and a larger interest in the kids over the next year, this will probably mean a lot of pictures of the kids out and about and doing things, especially compared to in the past. I've tended to keep quiet about the kids, especially insofar as daily lives, in part for their protection (I don't want someone able to follow them around) but also becasue I haven't spent as much time with them as I should as a father.

Right now things are crazy with work, but I love the kids a lot, and I need to start doing more fun things with them than just being in the same room or telling them to clean.

* Go outside more.
This one I've also achieved. I've been going outside every couple days at least, and am aiming for going somewhere every day. Now that I have the camera and iPod, I can grab them both, leave the house, and just wander around for an hour with a purpose, but also just taking time to myself. In the past, I have often used the computer as a place to retreat, but I don't want to do that as much anymore, because it hasn't led to good things. Fresh air changes everything.

This is especially neccesary now that I'm not walking the girls to the bus stop every day anymore -- then, at least, I got a good 15 minutes freezing my ass off in whatever I could find in the morning as I stumbled about. Without that, I need to make an effort to actually go out and do things.

I'm going to also make an effort to start working from various places. I'm not sure where exactly, but there's a lot of places around with internet, and I'd like to start taking advantage of those to get out of the house.
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