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iPod and "podcasting"
So, before I got my iPod, I thought that I'd never listen to a podcast. The entire culture around it sucked. Lots of people patting themselves on the back over technology always bugs me.

However, when I got the iPod, I decided to browse through the iTunes Music and look at the podcasts.

Wait. There's NPR Podcasts?
And CNN News Updates?
Ooh, Mother Jones Radio!
I can get onpoint on the iPod?

So yeah. Needless to say, I kind of fell in love. Now, every morning, I plug my iPod in, and get a couple hours of audio, and if I have to go out, I just grab it and have NPR to listen to wherever I go.

The culture around podcasting may suck, but the idea of getting radio when I want it, where I want it, is kind of cool.

This must be what people who first get TiVo feel like.

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heh, yeah. npr was the first place i went, because i find myself listening to it whenever i'm in hyounpark's car, but i rarely turn on the radio when i'm at home on my own. then the chronicle podcasts ... been meaning to post and ask people what their favorite podcasts are, but i have the feeling they're something most of my flist hasn't latched onto yet.

(and i don't even have an ipod!)

It's kind of like blogging. I hate bloggers who blog about blogging. And I hate podcasts that podcast about podcasting. But if you ignore those, there are a lot of good podcasts out there.

Science Friday (hosted out here on KQED) is consistently great if you don't subscribe to that yet.

The NPR news podcasts were the first ones I downloaded to my iPod.

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