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Photographer in me
I've taken 682 pictures since Christmas morning.

A few have been eaten by my failing hard drive. A large chunk are just me playing with lighting, or taking dozens of pictures of the same thing. Many are of very stupid things, or taken to test features of the camera.

Even so, I've uploaded several hundred to flickr over the past few days.

I've had to change my uploading pattern of just dumping everything to flickr -- although that would have worked with the 700kb photos that my Kodak generated, I've taken 2GB of pictures in the past week with the new camera. Granted, that will trail off as time goes on, but with so many duplicates and completely worthless shots, I'm being a bit more picky about what I upload to the world.

Of course, with events, I'll probably still upload full sets.

I wonder what I would do if I didn't have a flickr pro account. Hosting 2GB/images a month and having good software for it is hard. I'm glad there's a solution that I don't have to worry about.

I'm in love with my new camera.

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I have a directory tree of all the full-res pictures we take but what hits the web is a set of 640x480 reduced versions. I also host the picture galleries on a machine here (I was learning PHP and database stuff at the time so it was a good excuse to write something) so I'm not worried about the disk space. Bandwidth is not a problem because we're not massively popular so the occasional hit of someone viewing a load of images isn't really noticeable.

Keep the web stuff to low-res and offer full-res pictures by email to deserving cases as appropriate, that'll keep down your net traffic and disk usage.


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