Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Julianne's Birthday Pics

Pictures from Julie's Birthday Party. We did skating at Funway, dinner at Baker's Square, and the cake is from the Kirk Road Jewel.

Alicia and Jess have both decided that skating is a great thing, and we're looking for a place in/around Boston to do it. I love roller skating, but less so blading or ice skating, so if someone knows a place that would accomodate that in the area (we do have a car, but would prefer not to drive) that would rock.

More pictures in the set for those logged in and listed as a contact.


Skating, unwrapping, playing at Julie's birthday.

32 photos

Photos are from
26 Dec 05.

Julie Julie Sits Julie Alicia Funway Funway Julie, Mary, Tiger, Drew Julie and Tiger! Dinner Dinner Dinner Cake Cake Blowing out Candles Blowing out Candles Blowing out Candles Alicia Eating Cake Julie Julie Julianne Unwrapping Jess helping Julie Julianne Unwrapping Julianne Unwrapping Julianne Unwrapping Julianne Reading Reading
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