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Julianne's Birthday Pics
julianne in pjs
Pictures from Julie's Birthday Party. We did skating at Funway, dinner at Baker's Square, and the cake is from the Kirk Road Jewel.

Alicia and Jess have both decided that skating is a great thing, and we're looking for a place in/around Boston to do it. I love roller skating, but less so blading or ice skating, so if someone knows a place that would accomodate that in the area (we do have a car, but would prefer not to drive) that would rock.

More pictures in the set for those logged in and listed as a contact.


Skating, unwrapping, playing at Julie's birthday.

32 photos

Photos are from
26 Dec 05.

Julie Julie Sits Julie Alicia Funway Funway Julie, Mary, Tiger, Drew Julie and Tiger! Dinner Dinner Dinner Cake Cake Blowing out Candles Blowing out Candles Blowing out Candles Alicia Eating Cake Julie Julie Julianne Unwrapping Jess helping Julie Julianne Unwrapping Julianne Unwrapping Julianne Unwrapping Julianne Reading Reading
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for roller-skating, there's not much. there's chez vous in dorchester, but that's not very t-accessible. orange line to ruggles or forest hills, then another 25 minute (from ruggles) or 15 minutes (from forest hills).

other than that, you're looking at ROLLAH WUHLD in saugus, immortalized in song fame. hee.

ice skating is much more prominent here - near you guys, there's the rink at the charles hotel, where i saw kids practicing a couple of days ago with milk crates. there's also a list of public skating rinks run by the dcr; closest to you guys is probably the simoni rink on gore street, or veterans' rink on somerville ave in somerville. and of course, there's the famous frog pond rink on the boston common.

er, that should say 25 minutes/15 minutes bus ride additional from those respective t-stations, not including the time it takes to get to those stations to begin with. heh.

also, when i google chez vous, they all warn about the neighborhood being kinda sketchy and that you have to go through a metal detector to go inside. so i'd do a little more research first. i know they're all up about dorchester renovation/neighborhood makeover, but since the vast majority of my friends live either in camberville or the brighton-brookline corridor, i don't know that much about dorchester, so if anyone reading this has more current input, please chime in.

on the other hand, apparently they are all about the old-fashioned roller skates, not roller blades, so there's a mark in its favor. :)

chez vous

Chez VOus isnt that bad of a place, i actually work fridays and saturdays over there and there really aren't that many problems. I suggest tryin it out and seeing if you like it, you can take the orange line to forrest hills and the nthe bus to moton st(ibelieve the 31..) and all you have to do is walk directly accross and g oin, it is true about the meta ldetector but thats just to keep peopel safe, why not go the extra measure to look out for people, but for skating in the bosto nareas i definately reccomend chez vous

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