Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

a slightly less engaging proposition...

Long day. Up at 6am to do the packing I failed miserably at last night, eventually got almost everything together by 9:45AM, when our cab got there.

As we entered the tunnel to Logan, realized I forgot my passport. I'm a moron. Had the cab driver take me home, get my passport, and take me back out to the airport. He made $120. Probably pretty good for a little more than an hour's worth of work. (Note that $15 of that goes straight to tolls, and $20 was tip because he was just a good guy all around. Plus, I put in 2 hours of work on the plane for Platial, and made up for it as far as bank balance goes.) Oh, and to clarify: My passport is my only legally valid piece of photo ID I have. My NH license is expired, and I won't be getting a Mass license until after I can get to the DMV here (Illinois) to get a driver's record (blah blah blah BULLSHIT. I need to write about that.) because I can't prove that I've been driving for 2 years. So, I'm currently limited to the passport, which I knew the location of. I thought I told Jess to toss it in my bag, but apparently I didn't, I just thought it. sucky.

Got in, and through security, and onto plane. We were 4 across in a 757, so I let Jess have the seat across the aisle, meaning I dealt with the kids. I did pretty well until when trying to push things back under the seat in front of Julie, she lifted her feet and kicked the seat in front of her again... and on the downswing, clocked me in the back of my head. At that point, I got pissed and told them both to just stop talking and stop moving and stop *anything* until we landed.

Landed, met my dad at baggage claim, grabbed bags, trekked to car. Drove home, dealing with "Why?" "Why?" "Why?" from Julie every 2 minutes - she's definitely at that stage.

Checked in at hotel, dropped off bags, went to parents house. My mom made an excellent Chicken Paprikash, I met Tony's girlfriend while Dave worked at Domino's (delivery boy). Jess and I were trying to figure out when to announce we were engaged. No one freaked out. My mother's alcohol consumption was relatively limited - a beer and a glass of wine before we left, at 9pm. There was no bitching, no fighting, no negative comments whatsoever. My mother is totally pulling the grandmother role and giving the girls everything behind Jess's+my backs, whether she realizes it or not, but that's okay.

Watched National Lampoon's Christmas. Told family Jess and I were engaged. Horribly anticlimactic. Everyone just went on to talk about everything else, other than one question about whether that meant we had a date in mind. For the record, we do: Late June, 2007. It lets Jess finish her Army obligation, maybe finish at Wells, and everyone who might want to come to be out of school/post-finals, etc. I'm strongly in favor of the event being webcast, although I know Jess doesn't agree - I think it would be a great way to let our friends out there - like the ones reading this right now - participate in the wedding without having huge expenses (600 person wedding, anyone?) or travel needs. I even promised not to join the IRC backchannel from the alter. But anyway.

Everyone was happy and got along. Granted, it's not the holiday yet, but a visit with my parents actually worked. Shock, horror, and pleasant surprise.

I'm in town until the 28th, as I said, so anyone who wants to get together can get in touch. Already called Danny, Erin, Stacey, and family friends of my parents, and would love to increases size of list.

Fucking hell, I'm tired. G'night.

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