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an engaging performance...
Hey, I've been engaged for 15 minutes now. Nifty.


at last :P

congrats dude :)

I am sorely disappointed you didn't do a live web broadcast, but whole-hearted congratulations anyway.

Wow, that makes you the third of my friends to get engaged this month.

Wow, I thought you already were. That's...terrible, actually. Yet also a really good sign! Your friends know you're committed to each other, that's for sure...

So, yes, congratulations! :D

Congrats! How exciting! :D

Congrats and what a performance it was.

Awesome. Congratulations!

congrats! (and now it's an hour)

woohoo! congratulations!

As I've already said, congrats.


(I got married ten years ago today. In that year, it was the shortest day of the year, and the longest night. It was a cute line.)

Jess got married on this day 6 years ago! Presumably you took it because of it being the solstice - I took the date because I figured it'd be better to have some good memories of this day for her, rather than all bad (of a marriage broken up), combined with a number of other factors.

Congrats!!!!!!!! :)

That's pretty spiffy stuff. =D

Also a sign of how nerdy you are. =P

why don't we have pics of a ring yet?