Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

just like a little boy coming in for a quickie...

  • Work, Midnight->2
  • Wake late, no girls to school, work 8->1
  • Away from computer from 1-11: Longest non-sleep stretch in recent memory (weeks, if not months):
    • Getting girls ready
    • Getting me in fancy-suit
    • Drive to Nashua
    • Take family pictures (no crowds, thank god. I remember waiting in a no-breathing-room Picture People in Manchester last year.)
    • Drive to Grandma's house, watch Dragnet and eat Chicken Noodle Soup
    • Return to Picture People, get pictures
    • Return to Grandma's, retrieve children, head home.
    • Drop off kids, go to mall with Kristna
    • Buy presents for Jess, kids.
    • Return home, exhausted.

Today: Breakfast for Julie, Concert for both girls, hopefully home by 10 for a quick nap before people get into the office in Palo Alto, and I need to get to work.

Off now to finish girl-prep.

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