Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

That's why I'm easy ...

Easy like Saturday morning.

Julie slept in Jess+my bed last night. I have no idea why, as I don't remember when she came into our bed, but it means that I couldn't chill out in bed this morning - not enough room. So, I'm downstairs, chilling out, and watching the very quiet world as it starts to wake up.

Snow yesterday was weird. There was an inch or two of snow, but then the snow started turning into sleet/rain. This actually made it so that most sidewalks were clear of snow if they'd been shovelled at all, or were melted to slush otherwise. I went out around 1/1:30, and at that point the rain started turning into hail. When I was walking back towards the house around 3pm, about 4 inches of snow were on the ground again, and traffic everywhere had pretty much ground to a halt.

How rain turned to sleet turned to hail turned to 4 inches of snow in two hours, I'm not quite sure, but it definitely made walking home more difficult.

Signed on for another 3 months with Ning. That job is so great for me, I hope they want to keep me forever. After this, all "real jobs" are going to suck :) I have been keeping an eye on what's in the area for when we do have to part ways, and I don't think getting a job will be too terrible - the tech field around here is good, and although I hope that I'd be able to make it on my own doing web development, I know that's pretty unlikely.

I'm thinking about learning Lisp.
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