Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

More Digital Photography

After my last posts, discussing how I wanted a cheap camera to hold me over until I got an SLR, I talked to my father, the original photographer of the family, and got some info from him on his current plans. Turns out that Canon is running a whole bunch of rebate deals at the moment, and he was planning buying a Canon 20D himself. Talking to him about it, we ended up deciding that I would buy the Digital Rebel XT (EOS 350D) that he was buying to get a better rebate deal off of him (instead of him selling it on eBay) for significantly less than the normal cost, with no hassle to me.

He's just waiting to find a lens for it at the moment (looking for a cheap buy on the 'kit' 18-55 lens).

So, after all the deliberation you all helped me out on, I ended up doubling my price range, completely changing my requirements to a much more professional camera, and completely ignoring everyone's advice. I apologize for that, but sometimes, when the bug bites you, you just have to go with it.

Thanks to everyone for their opinions, and you can expect some high quality photography to start showing up on my Flickr account relatively soon. I will probably also relegate the current 2 megapixel camera into someone else's hands in the family, although I'll want to keep it around for when I can't take a Digital SLR with me. This may mean that Alicia starts taking more pictures of things, or possibly not.

I'm looking forward to getting into photography again. There's simply nothing like an actual SLR to encourage me to take pictures - I loved it when I took photo classes in college, and I can't wait to have it get here now.

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