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(no subject)
On Wednesday, I chaperoned my first elementary school field trip.

Waiting to Board

Alicia's third grade class trip to the Mayflower II and Plymouth Planation.

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Photos are from
16 Nov 05.

Waiting to Board Stern of Ship Stern of Ship Stern of Ship Navigator's Cabin Steerage Steerage Master's Cabin Master's Cabin Inside Mayflower II Inside Mayflower II Mayflower II Mayflower II Plymouth Rock Whole Class Shot Making Thatch Overview of Historic Village Overview of Historic Village Group Shot - alicia Group Shot

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good for you. kids are So Great.

Oooh. Pretty. Is blogging a photo set a pretty easy thing to do?

Yeah, just takes three easy steps:

* View set.
* Copy paste HTML.
* Replace relative links with absolute links.

Then you're done!

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