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Voice Post:
1231K 5:28
“It's amazing how bored you get when you're driving back from New Hampshire to Massachusetts, especially considering the amount of pain it takes to drive from Massachusetts to New Hampshire at rush hour. Okay, so tonight there's a Linux User Group meeting, and there's a bunch of other stuff to do, but like, whatever. So, I'm driving up to New Hampshire, and I'm figuring "y'know, no big deal, I've done driving like lots of times before". Now, first of all, I haven't driving long distances beyond the girls' school in like three weeks, so...yeah. There's that. And then, I realize as I pull into Central Square, there's something called "rush hour" in Boston. The thought of rush hour never really crossed my mind, and I'm not sure if it should've or something, but I didn't think about it. So I took, like, the most crowded route to get back, and I run into a ton of traffic because that's what happens when you take the most crowded route in Boston at rush hour...

[continues, for 5:28. someone else finish it?]”

Transcribed by: nostrademons

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Haha, lazy Nos. I don't have sound on this computer or I would.

It's a long post! C'mon, you don't honestly expect me to type out all 5 minutes, when that was like the first 30 seconds...

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