Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Blast from the Past

Today I recounted a couple stories from my childhood to the commune.

I told them how in fifth grade, I was in advanced math, so during the class math time, I typed all the spelling tests for the year on the Macintosh in the room. The teacher had not a clue how to read it - I taught her over the course of the year how to copy-paste, all of which she wrote down in a small notepad of information. (She still had those pages 5 years later when I talked to her again.) The classroom had an oreo bin, which we used to get a cookie from if we were good. I was so good that I had unlimited rights to the oreo bin -- not that I ever bragged about it, or took advantage of it, it just was.

I told them how in second grade, there was a whole group of us who sharpened our pencils so much that we wrote small enough the teacher needed a magnifying glass. The writing was extremely neat -- just tiny. She didn't like that. We were told not to do that again, or she's simply give us 0s.

I talked to that friend again today. For the first time in several years, I talked to her -- and as she said, it seems like nothing has changed in so many ways.

I've reconnected with a fair number of my friends recently, and it's nice to have them back. I never really lost contact with Erin (other than the 6 months I hated her for dating Derek, but that was still during high school). However, there were a number of other people that I did lose contact with, and I'm reforming those friendships. It's so nice to be able to have some of the people I didn't talk to for so long around again.

Anyone who I really enjoyed the company of, anyone I actually enjoyed spending time with, I still talk to. And I think that's pretty cool.

Do other people keep up with their friends? Kristan and Sam still talk, and are the kind of people where the other knows they'll be there, over time. I still talk to Erin and Nissa and Danny, and a few others. Do you keep in touch with friends from 2nd grade? 6th grade? High school? How do you keep in touch? How did you find them?
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