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happy snow
It's snowing out. Welcome to Winter.

in reality, it snowed earlier, and stuck only to leaves and other similarly non-ground things, but it was still kinda nice. Big fluffy flakes.

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it's 72 degrees and sunny, welcome to winter in socal ;)

Send some of it over this way, plz. thanks.

Haha, nice icon. I <3 my mesmer

It's nice and brisk in the evenings up into the mornings here in Iraq. I miss snow. Play in it for me.

La-la-la-la. I'm not hearing this, and I'm jnot looking outside to see if this is freezing rain/snow mix although it sounds like it could be, but maybe not. I am on the coast of Rhode Island, after all, where we get some protection from snow.

La la la la.

it seems like too early for snow :(
(I only don't like snow/cold for the hassle factor)

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