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not enough info
For the past week or so, I've been putting off updating and so on because of the fact that I couldn't comprehensively cover what has gone on in my life.

This situation isn't getting any better. So I'll just toss some info here.

I have a new default userpic for the first time in several years. That is, indeed, a duck hunt gun.

We have a working Nintendo, N64 and gamecube in the living room. I have been kickng the ass of Super Smash Brothers all week.

Neil Drumm, co-founder of Civicspace, my former college roomate, is staying at the commune until mondayish.

Schuyler Erle, co-author of mapping hacks, is now living in Cambridge. I think this is an extremely awesome thing, as he is tons of fun to hang out with. I met him Thursday night at the berkman blogs meeting, and he came over last night while we all tested much of the alcohol under the bar. (Some shots: "Naked Girl Scout" (aka alcoholic thin mint), Jelly Donut, Carrot Cake, whatever an ameretto and frangelico make.) There was also much everclear, 1800 Tequila, Vodka, and Goldschlager consumed.

When drunk, it is sometimes much easier to make stupid decisions that you're afraid you'll regret later, in the name of expedience and temporary (sanity|insanity).

I need to go make the washing machine empty so Neil can wash his clothes.

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I've played a bunch of super smash brothers melee over the past coule of days as well, actually. I started a fresh game on a new memory card, and steadily worked through the event mode matches. Completed the first thirty, I think, and now it won't let me do more until I go and unlock some more characters (I suspect I need young Link). And my left thumb is hurting from too much frantic stick-mashing.

You need to have the four outside characters - young link, ganondorf, falco, and dr. mario - plus luigi, I think.

I have never gotten finger smashing syndromes -- I know that it's not from lack of button mashing, but I really never have issues with my hands from it.

I've been cheating and looking up what I need to do online: I've gotten most of the easier characters (pichu, jigglypuff, marth) plus the ones on the outside and luigi. The others are mostly "Play some ridiculous number of vs. matches", which I'll need to do eventually: right now we're at about 100 or 150, but it counts more if you have more players, apparently, and I've been meaning to buy more controllers.

It's really fun, and I think it'll make a good party game once we get a few more controllers. (Currently only at 2, and 2 isn't enough when you have 8 people sitting around, even if half of them don't play.) Unfortunately, I'm better than any other human player in the house (although there are still plenty of game modes to beat).

Right now I'm on event 37 -- I've finished 38 and 39, and haven't unlocked 40-51 yet.

I'm jealous - as you can see I've been on a massive Google Earth kick of late. Trying to convert all the MA State maps from State Files to Google Earth KML/KMZ files. I haven't really seen some of the PHP files people are using to make live network links but I hope to figure it out. I'm working on mapping all the water levels in MA using USGS, Army Corps of Engineers and NOAA stream gages.

re: stupid decisions? Hedonism always wins it seems.

I've been too busy with other minor projects to get back to PeopleFinder (on Ning), and haven't done the marketing to get people to actually use it yet. So my mapping stuff lately has been less important to my life in general. Need to get back into it, but with Neil here I'm trying not to bury my nose into the computer during all free time.

Hedonism can be great. I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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